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Brand Story

  Compared to many brands out there, Sunifty is a toddler. Get your outfits here is as easy as getting a hamburger. “Rise up like the sun” is a recognizable call to action that speaks to the individuals and Sunifty for years. Our first job? To help people to get rid of appearance anxiety, and feed with sense of security.  

  Step up our unswerving enthusiasm in women’s fashion vacation clothing to come up with multi beach cover-ups, dresses, tops, shorts, jackets, bags and more.

  We are so happy to share our cute “babies” with you, especially after taking great pains working & modifying with factories worldwide months and months’.

Best Wishes from SUNIFTY

Tel: (86) 025 83418331


Address: Building 25, The Third Avenue, Dongjiao Country, No 777 QiLin East Road, Jiangning, Jiangsu, 210000, China