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How To Sizing And Keep Press Ons For 2 Weeks

By soft tape
By by ruler after noting down the width points on paper
💅HOW TO APPLY:(As per flowchart)
Step1: Filing nail edges with the manicure stick to remove excess cutin. And remove moisture and oil. A simple callus treatment & cuticle care if you want.
Step2: Compare the sizes and get the best fit one.
Step3: Paste adhesive to the inside of the nail piece
Step4: Fit the nail piece and press for 15 seconds. Heat with hair dryer to enhance the adhesion. Then avoid water&dust in 2 hours.


Peel off nails gently from the sides using the manicure stick. (Do not force or pull nails off. If needed, put your hands in warm water or apply polish remover around edges, then use the maninure stick to lift off nails slowy.