Classy Designs Shimmering Sparkling Marble Fake Nail
Classy Designs Shimmering Sparkling Marble Fake Nail

Classy Designs Shimmering Sparkling Marble Fake Nail

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Usually last for 1 week
Shimmer weave blitz trendy acrylic nail designs, you can change your nails whenver & wherever you like
Strong adhesive jelly glue, usually doesn't come off or splitted within weeks
Give your nails a rest & restoration from the tough-removing nails or painful manicure done in nail salon
Various pieces of different sizes to fit your different fingers
Time saving, apply press ons in a few minutes
Easy use, flexible and lightweight, painless to remove in a few seconds and for a new nail look
Multiple wears, reusable, and additional appliques can be added on for your diy nail art at home
Waterproof, and not tear out your hair

💅Nail Kit

24 Nails, Mini Nail File, Manicure Stick, 48 Adhesive Tabs

💅HOW TO APPLY:(As per flowchart)

Step1: Filing nail edges with the manicure stick to remove excess cutin. And remove moisture and oil. A simple callus treatment & cuticle care if you want.
Step2: Compare the sizes and get the best fit one.
Step3: Paste adhesive to the inside of the nail piece
Step4: Fit the nail piece and press for 15 seconds. Heat with hair dryer to enhance the adhesion. Then avoid water & dust in 2 hours.


TIP: The nail set is only equipped with jelly glue, if you need glue, please go to the accessories section to buy.


Peel off nails gently from the sides using the manicure stick. (Do not force or pull nails off. If needed, put your hands in warm water or apply polish remover around edges, then use the mani stick to lift off nails slowy.

Acrylic & Ethyl

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